McConnell Angus Valley 3426

McConnell Final Answer 3244

McConnell Upward 3118

McConnell Angus Valley 3116 

McConnell Resource 3423 This powerhouse son of Resource is loaded with muscle and power.  Ranking in the top 2% in Weaning weight, Yearling Weight and $Feedlot he will boost added value to a calf crop.  A 205-day weight of 790 earned him a weaning ratio of 108.

McConnell Resource 3115 Recommend for heifers, loaded with muscle and extra  thick.  Actual birth weight of 69 lbs and a weaning ratio of 100, weighing 727 lbs.  His Bismarck dam stands out in femininity and udder quality recording  2 BWR 100, 2 WR 101. Top 5% of the breed in Milk and $Weaning, top 10% in CED, RADG, Doc, and RE with $Beef of 107.98.   EPD’s have been enhanced by Pfizer 50K test.

McConnell Comrade 3114 Recommend for heifers. This easy-fleshing performance bull is loaded with volume and muscle.  His CED of 15 and $Weaning of 60.21 ranks him in the top 1% of the Angus Breed.  At this time in the cattle cycle calving ease and weaning are very important – keep all of his daughters.  His grandam Lucy 9859, is a cornerstone brood cow, her production record   boast of 5 BWR 10, 5 WR 106 and 3 %IMF 100.   His moderate framed, efficient dam out of SAV Density 4336 is on her way to becoming a productive cow  she records a weaning ratio of 109 on her first 2 calves.

Annual Bull Sale

February 5, 2016

Selling 200 bulls

60 Reg. Bred Cows

Bulls are ranged and PAP tested at Laramie, WY 

Elev. 7350'


Annual Bull Sale February 5, 2016

At the Ranch

Dix, NE

McConnell Resource 3108

McConnell Angus Valley 3217

McConnell Consensus 30

McConnell Final Choice 3129 Recommend for heifers.  This stout Final Choice son earned a 205-day weight of 798 lbs. for a weaning ratio of 109.  His dam comes from the productive Elluna family, she post 7 BWR 100 and 7 WR 99.  His grandam and great grandam are Pathfinders®.  A bull for high altitude his PAP score was 36.

McConnell Angus Valley 3234 This Angus Valley son out of a full sister to Final choice has excelled in every measure.  From his birth weight of 75 lbs. to his 205 day weight of 862 he has preformed the whole way earning him a WDA of 4.06.  His dam MA Pridella Answer 9205 has recorded a nursing ratio of 114 on her first 2 calves.  This top calving-ease bull ranks in the top 2% of the angus breed in WW,YW, and $Weaning. The top 10% in CED, YH, SC, HP, Milk, MH, and $Feed lot. He has the EPD’s and phenotype and performance to match. His EPD’s have been enhanced by Pfizer 50K test.

McConnell Resource 3112 This son out of Resource is a deep, long, performance bull with the look of a real cow maker. His EPD tabulation is awesome! Top 1% in WW, YW, Milk, $Weaning, and $Feedlot. Top 10 % in (RADG), Residual Average Daily Gain and Docility (Doc).  Earning a weaning weight of 874 lbs. with a ratio of 119 boost his dam’s weaning ratio of 109 on her first two calves.  His highly maternal pedigree shows the Lass and Primrose families down to 6i6,Lead On, Traveler  1489 and Emulation N Bar 5522.  With a $Beef of 99.11 this powerhouse should add pounds and profit to a calf crop and productive replacement heifers.

2015 Sale Bulls

Selling February 6, 2015

McConnell Comrade 3428 The lightest BW EPD of -2.1 of the bulls in the sale. A calving ease bull that had a actual birth weight of 68 lbs. at birth and a weaning weight of 751 giving him a weaning ratio of 103.  This easy-fleshing bull ranks in the top 5% in CED, BW, Docility, and $Weaning. His deep ribbed dam has had 5 calves with a birth ratio of 98, a nursing ratio of 105 with 5 calves, YR of 1 at 105, %IMF of 2 at 114,Ribeye of 2 at 113 and $Beef of $105.71

McConnell Comrade 3424 This gentle bull is a sure fire calving ease herd sire prospect.  With a Calving Ease Direct of 17,top 1% in the Angus Breed, -1.3 BW EPD-top 4%, and $Weaning  $65.10 top 1 % make him an exciting prospect for replacement  heifers.  His dam gained a nursing ratio of 104 on her first two calves. Stemming from one of the breed’s most influential cow families, Everelda Entense, highlight the pedigree of this exciting bull.

McConnell Final Choice 3102

McConnell Cedar Ridge 3238 Recommend for heifers.  A herd sire prospect with tremendous growth and muscle.  This docile son out of Cedar Ridge records a weaning weight of 829 with a ratio of 114.  This easy fleshing bull ranks in the top 1% in Milk and $Weaning, in the top 15% in CED, WW, YW, $EN, CW, and $Beef of 106.23.  His high maternal pedigree starts with the Pridella  family with Upward, 878, Traveler, New Trend, Power Play, Schearbrook Shoshone and Rito 707 just to name a few! His EPD’s have been enhanced by Pfizer 50K test.

McConnell Resource 3119 Recommend for heifers.  This calving ease son out of Resource blends phenotype and performance.  He ranks in the top 2% in Calving Ease Direct, Doc,and $Weaning.  Top 10% in YW, CW, and $Feedlot with a $B of 98.10.   His powerful dam from the Blackcap family records 3 BWR 95, 3 WR 100 and 2 YR 102.